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Supporting & Celebrating Who You Are, As You Are

As You Are Counselling Langley (AYOUA) supports those who do not fit into a certain mold determined by society, culture, or expectation. Our Registered Clinical Counsellors create a space to empower individuals through curiosity and courageous exploration. We are dedicated to those who feel they are too much or never enough. AYOUA celebrates each individual by encouraging adaptive creativity in those we meet. We understand and recognize change as becoming more of who you are.

As You Are Counselling’s logo is a daisy with butterflies transforming from the petals. The daisy represents purity and renewal. Whereas, the butterfly represents becoming more of onesself through the transformative process of metamorphosis. Together they weave in a simple yet complex picture of what it means to be who you are, as you are.

ayoua icon of daisy flower with butterflies

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Mentions of what we’ve been told

Our Client’s Are Spectacular

“[As You Are Counselling] allows me to talk and really encourages me to find the truth in my problems, to find the underlying meaning to the feelings I am having.

Hai has a way of pointing out the good in me, when I feel none. I would recommend Hai to anyone struggling moving forward in life. He has been a great help to my mental health and I feel like he is really in my corner to help me get through this.”

— K. B.

“At As You Are Counselling, I felt supported by Hai, who is an optimistic and understanding counsellor. Hai supported me by helping to widen my perspectives on some of the tough challenges that were occurring for me. I felt heard and genuinely cared for as we took a look into what I could do during these situations.”

— T. K.

“I had never been to counselling before so I didn’t know what to expect. During my first time meeting Hai I felt I was in safe hands. Hai’s kindness helped me feel comfortable, and it was very easy to build trust in him. My mental health has positively benefitted as I think more clearly about difficult decisions that once stressed me out. It is easier now for me to see things in different ways.”

— H. R.

“I have made huge improvements on my self confidence since seeing Hai for about a month now at As You Are Counselling on a weekly basis. I had not been to counselling for a few years because my prior experience was horrible but Hai alleviated my worries and helped me to feel better about myself and my life.”

— S. K.

Curiosity & Wonderments Welcomed

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